About Us

Original, Gifted, And International

Built 4DA Game offers fresh, original, and innovative rap beats. We’re passionate about evolving and influencing the music industry. We believe in bringing together like-minded people for an exciting experience.

The leading music producer for recording artists looking to buy rap beats and instrumentals.

As the music industry evolves before our eyes, we aim to develop a competitive product that will stand the test of time and fashion while remaining true to its principles and roots. Every day, we broaden our horizons, looking for new sounds, ideas, and musical solutions that assist us in composing the tale with you.

Integrating Fashion & Music

We compose rap beats in various styles to fit all moods and emotions.

We help you connect with your audience by inspiring you to find the perfect rhythm for your project with freedom and flexibility. We envision becoming the world’s most popular marketplace for purchasing rap beats. We strive to make an impact and provide chances to musicians worldwide by providing a platform to pursue their passion.